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    The enoki mushroom is comprised of a tiny white or beige cap and a long stalk that can measure up to 10 centimetres long. It grows in clusters and is cultivated on stumps or in a sawdust medium. It is mainly cultivated in Japan.

    Enoki has a soft, fruity flavour and slightly crisp flesh. It is excellent raw in salads or stir-fries. It is “ready-to-use”.


    How to prepare mushrooms

    You can eat every part of it. It is “ready-to-use”. We simply advise you to cut off the end covered in substrate.

    Enoki is delicious raw. Use it to decorate and season salads and sandwiches. You can put it in soup (used as vermicelli) and in eastern-style dishes by adding it at the end of cooking in order to preserve its delicate flavour.


    How to store mushrooms.

    Our asian mushrooms are sold in film-covered punnets allowing the product to breathe.

    We advise you to keep this film on the punnet to prevent the mushrooms from drying out and losing weight during storage. Keep them in the bottom of your fridge at a temperature of +/-6℃ where they can easily be kept for up to days. They can also be dried or frozen.


    Available presentations.

    Whole mushrooms : 150 g to 3 kg containers or according to the customer’s requirements.