All the flavour of fresh vegetables and fruits !


    This true Asian mushroom now cultivated in Belgium grows in “clusters”, is entirely edible and ready-to-use. Its taste is a true culinary reference for gourmets.

    It doesn’t shrink during cooking and is the perfect accompaniment for your omelettes, fish, game or steaks. Also use in fricassees or salads.

    The shimeji has well-known health benefits and is rich in vitamins and minerals.


    How to prepare mushrooms

    You can eat every part of it. It is “ready-to-use”, with no need to cut the stalk. It doesn’t need washing or peeling before use.

    It cooks rapidly without reducing in size and doesn’t produce any exudate even when fried.

    The shimeji is best when sautéed and possibly flavoured with a squeeze of lemon juice.


    How to store mushrooms.

    Our asian mushrooms are sold in film-covered punnets allowing the product to breathe.

    We advise you to keep this film on the punnet to prevent the mushrooms from drying out and losing weight during storage. Keep them in the bottom of your fridge at a temperature of +/-6℃ where they can easily be kept for up to days. They can also be dried or frozen.


    Available presentations.

    Whole mushrooms : 150 g to 3 kg containers or according to the customer’s requirements.