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King oyster

    This little known oyster mushroom has an unusual aspect: a large stalk and a very small cap. On the other hand, its flesh has a very fragrant taste and is the best of all the oyster mushrooms, hence its name “KING OYSTER”. You can eat every part of it. It is “ready-to-use”.


    How to prepare mushrooms

    Asian mushrooms don’t require much cleaning. Just wipe them with a damp cloth (washing them in lots of water will remove some of their flavour). You can eat every part of the Asian mushroom. They are “ready-to-use”.

    How to store mushrooms.

    Our Asian mushrooms are sold in film-covered punnets allowing the product to breathe.

    We advise you to keep this film on the punnet to prevent the mushrooms from drying out and losing weight during storage. Keep them in the bottom of the fridge at an ideal temperature of 6°C, for a maximum of 3 days.


    Available presentations.

    Whole mushrooms : 150 g to 3 kg containers or according to the customer’s requirements.