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    A dark brown, sometimes scaly mushroom with very firm white flesh and a powerful taste, well known for its medicinal virtues. The shiitake’s particularity is that it adds a very pronounced flavour to numerous dishes hence its commonly-used name, the “perfumed mushroom”.

    This mushroom is known for its delicate aroma, it nutritional value and its medicinal and therapeutic properties.

    The shiitake is a mushroom that has a powerful impact on the body’s energy and resistance levels. To be used if you are feeling tired, run down or during convalescence.  It is also a useful supplement to help fight problems caused by dust and pollen.

    How to prepare mushrooms

    Cooking enhances the shiitake’s flavour; it can be used like all other mushrooms. It absorbs the flavour of the dish to which it is added and is delicious in eastern-style dishes. It has a very powerful woody aroma. Once cooked, its texture is quite similar to that of a snail.

    These highly aromatic mushrooms can be simmered for a long time without losing their flavour. Ideal for stews. Remove the stalk, which is usually tough and fibrous.

    How to store mushrooms.

    Our shiitakes are sold in film-covered punnets allowing the product to breathe.

    We advise you to keep this film on the punnet to prevent the mushrooms from drying out and losing weight during storage. Keep them in the bottom of the fridge at an ideal temperature of 6°C, for a maximum of 3 days.


    Available presentations.

    Whole mushrooms : 150 g to 3 kg containers or according to the customer’s requirements.
    Sliced mushrooms : 150 g to 2 kg containers or according to the customer’s requirements.